Florida's Data Elements

Florida's EMS Data Dictionary [version 1.4.1] - Florida's data elements, pick-list field values, and validation rules. [effective 09/01/2009]

Florida's Data Set Summary - Contains only the data element name and description.

Florida Changes Handbook - Details all Florida customizations to the NHTSA 2.2.1 data set.

Policies & Procedures

EMSTARS Program Manual - Contains the business rules, event guidelines, a summary data dictionary, and end user security policy.

End User Security Policy - Acceptance & signature required for all registered users.

Signature Page Only


Code Sheets

EMSTARS Facility Codes - A list of hospitals and other destinations a patient is transferred to with it's corresponding code. Updated 05/30/2018.

Florida FIPS Codes - Uniform national codes for locations; used in demographic data elements.

Census Quick Facts - Aids in completing demographic fields within the data set.

Getting The Most From The Census Website - Guide to how to get the most out of Census.

Software Developer Resources

Florida's XML Schema Definitions

Florida XSD v. 1.4.0 - A zip folder that contains the current XSD and documentation.

Sample XML Files

Validation Rules - Developer resource listing all validation rules sorted by element.