ePCR Software Vendors

ePCR Software Vendors play an integral part in ensuring accurate and quality data collection by the EMS Provider agencies. As Florida and its EMS Provider agencies work together to ensure continuous improvement of patient care and service delivery, an important key to achieving this goal is the ePCR software. The ePCR software must comply with requirements to ensure the data collected is of the highest quality possible. Florida has a data dictionary that all ePCR software vendors should have the ability to implement.

Please read the section on what it means to be EMSTARS compliant and review the steps to achieve compliance. There is also a list of the vendors that have, are working, and planning to be EMSTARS compliant. If there are any questions, please contact the EMSTARS Team.

EMSTARS ePCR Software Vendor Validation Application

EMSTARS Test Cases v3.5

EMSTARS ePCR Software Vendor Validation Steps

EMSTARS ePCR Software Vendor List

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