EMS Provider Agencies

The EMS mission is to provide optimal health care to its patients and quality improvement is the cornerstone of that service delivery model.

The EMS agencies in Florida are using data to influence their delivery of exceptional service in their communities. Here are a few of the benefits in participating in the statewide data collection and analysis efforts of EMSTARS/biospatial:

  • Improved patient care
  • Determine best practices
  • Identify perceptual vs. real issues requiring resources
  • Improve outcomes
  • Appropriate resource allocations
  • Enhanced revenue
  • Decreased billing cycle times
  • Decreased risk and liability

If you are considering the purchase of new or replacement software products, please begin by visiting NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center to view all of the NEMSIS compliant software solutions.

The Bureau also maintains a list of EMSTARS ePCR Software Vendors who either have clients in Florida or have expressed an interest in the EMSTARS Program.  However, please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all solution providers and the Bureau does not advocate nor endorse any software products.  To download other documents for EMS Provider Agencies, please go to Florida's Data Dictionary and Downloads.

Reporting to EMSTARS/biospatial

The process that agencies must follow in order to begin participating in EMSTARS/biospatial is outlined in Section 2 - 8 of the Florida's Data Dictionary.