Florida's Data Dictionary and Downloads

Florida's Data Dictionary

Florida's EMS Data Dictionary [version 3.4.0] - Contains policies and procedures, florida's data elements, pick-list field values, event guidelines and validation rules. [effective 10/12/2017]


Florida Defined List

EMSTARS Facility Codes - A list of hospitals and other destinations a patient is transferred to with it's corresponding code. - This file is being updated once a month.

Census Quick Facts - Aids in completing demographic fields within the data set.

Getting The Most From The Census Website - Guide to how to get the most out of Census.

ePCR Software Vendor Resources

Florida's XML Schema Definitions  v 3.5

Vendor Test Cases v3.5


Florida's XML Schema Definitions  v 3.4

Sample XML Files V 3.4

Florida's Business Rules and Custom Elements

EMSTARS V 3.4  custom elements

Custom Elements Change Log  V 3.4

NOTE: We are using the national schematron for version 3.4 while we develop a Florida schematron.


Florida's XML Schema Definitions  v3.0

Sample XML Files V 3.0

Florida's Business Rules and Custom Elements

Business Rules -  Daft Version

Custom Elements - Excel File.

Custom Elements - Sample Description