Key Users

You are the key to the data collection effort.

The Key Users designated by your agency are a vital component of the EMSTARS/biospatial program and will make significant contributions to its success. They will work closely with the EMSTARS Team and will have frequent tasks to complete within the EMSTARS/biospatial program.

For agencies new to the EMSTARS/biospatial program with no current key users, fill out the EMSTARS Key User Request Form. Otherwise please follow the instruction in the Florida's Data Dictionary

Key User Tasks

Key User tasks image - New Accounts, Orientation and Training, Tier 1 Support, Communication, Consultations, Extensions, Submission Verification, Submissions, Password Resets, and Account Modifications.

Key user tasks can be broken into four sections:

  1. Account Management (Orange)
  2. Data Submission (Blue)
  3. Interaction with the Data Unit (Yellow)
  4. User Support (Green)

Account Management, Data Submission, and Interaction with the EMSTARS Team are described in detail in Section 9 of the Florida's Data Dictionary .

User Support along with other useful information is found in the Key User Technical Reference that provides other important information to Key Users that is not found in the Florida Data Dictionary v3.X. Please review the EMSTARS key User Technical Reference for complete details.

User Support is broken into two sections:

  • Orientation and Training
  • Tier 1 Support

Other Key User information is broken into three sections:

  • System Support
  • Validation Process
  • Submission Summary Notification